Allan Freed

“In increasingly competitive markets, organizations reap what they sow. Commitment to excellence in leadership yields rich return and creates the fertile ground from which the right results and high achievement are derived.”

Allan Freed is a principal consultant with The RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping leaders and organizations deliver results and increase value. Allan’s current work helps organizations identify and build capabilities required for the execution of strategy through leveraging human resources and improving leadership performance. He is permanently based in the UK and has worked with a large number of Europe’s leading firms.

Strategic HR
Allan’s work in this domain helps firms to apply RBL’s award winning databases to assess alignment between strategies, human resource practices, and HR competencies and develop programs for improvement.

Allan has worked closely with Norm Smallwood to help organizations in the Middle East and Europe build leadership systems that deliver results and increase value.

Prior to joining RBL, Allan successfully led a division of a fast-paced multi-national company as the General Manager of their Australia/New Zealand region. As an educator, Allan has an engaging and interactive style.

You can contact Allan Freed at: +44 7595 300754, or at

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